Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Toyohashi University of Technology

Japanese English


Computer and Mathematical Sciences

Information Security Lab.
Discrete Optimization Lab.
Computers and Education Lab.
Quantum biology Lab.
Computer Systems Performance Engineering Lab.
Computational Chemistry Lab.
Quantum Information Lab.

Data Informatics

Knowledge Data Engineering Lab.
Applied Mathematics and Network Lab.
Spoken Language Processing Lab.
Natural Language Processing Lab.
Learning and Inference Systems Lab.
Applied Information Systems Lab.

Human and Brain Informatics

Visual Psychophysics Lab.
Visual Perception & Cognition Lab.
Cognitive Neurotechnology Unit
Biological Motor Control System Lab.
Auditory Psychophysics Lab.
Computational Intelligence Lab.
Visual Neuroscience Lab.

Media Informatics and Robotics

Interactions and Communication Design Lab.
Visual AI Lab.
Active Intelligent Systems Lab.
Ubiquitous Systems Lab.
Computer Vision and Image Processing Lab.
Image Information and Image Media Lab.
Social Robot Lab.