Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Toyohashi University of Technology

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Information and intelligence create the future society

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering has a structure that can respond dynamically to the evolution in IT and ICT, and its research fields are closely related. We carry out education and research on information technology ranging from basic to applied technology, which supports the infrastructure for our computer-based advanced information and intellectual society.

Focused research fields:

  • Software technology containing algorithms and computational theories
  • Building advanced computers such as parallel processing and embedded computers
  • Data science, analyzing big data using deep learning
  • Internet application technology using the web or mobile computers
  • Multimedia information processing and interface technology for texts, audio, graphics, etc.
  • Intelligent, interactive, and ubiquitous sensing technology aimed at symbiosis of humans and robots
  • Investigation of perception and cognitive mechanisms of humans, and application to communication technology
  • Understanding and modeling intelligence
  • Advanced large-scale software system development and its application to computational science.

We closely collaborate with the Electronics-Inspired Interdisciplinary Research Institute (EIIRIS) and the Center for Human-Robot Symbiosis Research (CHRSR), and implement a Program for Leading Graduate School.  The department is unique in that it conducts a wide range of research on Information and Intelligence Technologies, from basic to applied research domains, including cross-disciplinary research.