Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Toyohashi University of Technology

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The education and research areas of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering are closely related to each other, and its organizational structure allows us to respond dynamically to the evolution of IT and ICT. With computers at the core of each area, education and research are conducted in a wide range of information processing technologies, from basic technologies to applied technologies, to support the infrastructure of an intelligent, highly information-oriented society.

Our priority research areas are as follows: software technology including algorithms and computational theory, computer construction technology including parallel processing and embedded computers, data science using deep learning to analyze big data, Internet application technology using the Web and mobile computers, multimedia information processing including text, voice, images, and graphics, virtual reality, intelligent, interactive, and ubiquitous sensing technologies aimed at symbiosis between humans and robots, investigation of human perception and cognitive mechanisms and their application to communication technologies, understanding and modeling of intelligence in life, nature, and society, and advanced large-scale software system development and its application to computational science.

We are also promoting the globalization of education through a double degree program with the University of Eastern Finland and a joint degree program (IMLEX: Imaging and Light in Extended Reality) with universities in Finland, France, and Belgium. We are also offering the Program for Leading Graduate Schools “Training Brain Information Architects” and promoting research activities in close collaboration with the Electronics Institute for Integrated Research and Innovation (EIIRIS) and the Center for Human-Robot Symbiosis Research.