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Introduction of Curriculum

In the first and second years, students learn the basic subjects along with some specialized subjects. Particularly in the research project in the latter term of the second year, research training occurs with an individual research theme. From the third year, students join from colleges etc., and all students learn the main specialty subjects.

Regarding the experimental subjects, basic experiments regarding ICT technology are conducted in the first and second year. From the third year, while conducting data and intelligence engineering experiments, emphasis is placed on software exercises with the objective that students master practical programming skills. In the fourth year, graduation research is conducted until the middle of the latter term, and subsequently, in-service training is carried out at a national laboratory, local authority or private laboratory where the students can learn the actual development and research of businesses.


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Curricula and Class Schedule



Unique international programs

You can find the details of our unique international programs:

  • International Programs (International Degree Program, Double Degree Program, etc.)

  • IMLEX: Master of Science Program in Imaging and Light in Extended Reality


 Double Degree Program (Graduation Ceremony)