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What is WHIS? Wadai (or Wakayama University) Hearing Impairment System
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Preparation for using WHIS
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WHIS: Wadai (or Wakayama University) Hearing Impairment System

This system allows normal hearing (NH) listeners to experience the difficulty that hearing impaired (HI) listeners have in everyday life. You can set hearing level (e.g. average of 80 year-old listener) and the degree of healtiness of OHC (outer hair cell).

Download WHIS

▼ Manual
User's manual (pdf)

▼ Download WHISv225
(1) MATLAB version (GitHub)
(2) Windows10 stand alone version together with MATLAB runtime library (Google drive)
>> Setup manual (pdf)

Calibration of sound pressure level

You need to calibrate sound pressure level when using WHIS. The best practice is to use a reliable sound level meter and an artificial ear (e.g. B&K). But it may costs more than $10,000. For class room training, you may use alternative equipment, "ChomeJig" which we developed about $30.

Sound leved confirmation using ChmomeJig(pdf)
Guide of ChomeJig (pdf)

If you are interested in ChomeJig, plase conact :
Toshio Irino
Auditory Media Laboratory
Wakayama University
irino [at] wakayama-u.ac.jp([at] should be replaced properly)

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